My 21st birthday celebrations!

So last week was my 21st birthday, and it made me feel truly special because I had celebrations with my favourite people over three days. I was ridiculously spoilt, which I’m guessing is because it was the big 21 and it’s all downhill from here. Practical gifts from now on! Next year I’ll probably get a frying pan or something.

These are the main the presents I got off the family! The Pandora bracelet and Tiffany necklace are just amazing. I still can’t believe my parents bought me these!! I feel like I’m living someone else’s life with these kinda prezzies. The Pandora bracelet is just so perfect for summer, as soon as a saw it I just pictured it with a summery, floaty dress. I’m looking forward to filling it with different charms. And the Tiffany necklace. How absolutely gorgeous is it?! My dad wanted to get something with my birthstone (bless him) and I think he has proved his great taste in jewelry. I want to wear it all the time but keep it for special occasions at the same time. Help.

This is the playsuit that was actually on my wishlist – boyf knows when to pay attention! Hoping for some lovely weather so I can the chance to wear it. And anyone who knows me at all knows candles of any kind will make me super happy. So all these Yankee melts make my heart smile. At the moment I’m half way through the baby powder one, I use them a few hours before sleeping so that my room smells the best when I get in bed. The Fresh Cut Roses smells reeeally good.

I wanted a cute and summery bag that was just a bit lighter for the hotter months, and the daisy bag completely fits the bill! It’s perfect to just fit the essentials in, which is all you need for outdoorsy trips and walks. I can’t wait to match it with my new clothes!

On my actual birthday the plan was to head into Manchester for some exploring and touristy stuff with a nice lunch, but the weather had other ideas. It decided it was going to pour down until three, which meant no Manchester for us! Instead, when it brightened up a bit, we got some chocolate and crisps and went to one of the local parks with a huge pond and waterfall for a walk. Honestly, that was probably better than Manchester in some ways. It was very relaxed, we had fun, I got to stroke some dogs which always makes me happy, and we could sit and watch the world go by without much effort. The simple times can be the best times.

In the evening me, my mum, sister, brother and boyf went for dinner together. Nothing fancy, just somewhere close by for some good food. I got a salmon tart, because salmon is my favourite thing ever at the moment. It was good fun, I could honestly listen to my sister talk complete nonsense for hours without getting bored. Once we came home I got birthday cake (which was delish) and a tiara and fairy wings (why not?).

I felt a bit like the Hulk wearing these. Which kinda made me feel huge but also made me feel like ‘yes, I’m super strong, check out the muscles’ which is probably the opposite of the intended effect. Oh well. As long as you feel special, right? Right?

Day two of celebrations started with KFC for lunch, which was amazing. I mean, it’s KFC, it’s always amazing. If this was all I got for my birthday I would have been over the moon. Or even just some gravy from there. The BEST gravy ever.

We (mum, siblings, grandparents, boyf) went out for Chinese for dinner. It’s probably the best Chinese restaurant ever, we ALWAYS go there. And we all ate far too much, but it was so worth it. Duck and pancakes every time. How else would I have gotten through my grandad’s stories of getting on the bus to go somewhere, to get the bus home, for no reason. Just to have a bus ride. Why, grandad, why?! This is where I got my second birthday cake, which is still to be eaten.

On the third day of celebrations! Is it just me or is this starting to sound like a Christmas song? On the third day of birthday my family gave to me! Today was my dad’s side of the family (so him, my other grandparents, and siblings). I’m sorry the picture is blurry but it seems modern technology was a little too advanced for my poor dad. But I think it would have been a really cute picture if it wasn’t blurry so I added it anyway. We went to a steakhouse and I got a mixed grill, which was basically all the meat you could possibly fit on a plate. My kinda place! My favourite part was probably the pork and black pepper sausage with fried onions. All the yes.

This is my dad trying to be all artsy, but not telling me he is, so this is my ‘what are you doing? do you need help?’ face. That was my third cake (got two of the same), and it was just as good as the first one.

That’s all my birthday! It was a very chilled one, which is exactly what I wanted, so that’s good. In previous years we’ve always had a BBQ with family friends but they never really felt like they were for me, if that makes sense? A BBQ happens all the time over summer, so after the initial ‘happy birthday’ off people arriving it was kinda forgotten. Having meals with just close family is much, much nicer. The celebrations just keep on going that way, I get to spend quality time with everyone I love which is all I really want from a birthday.

All in all not too shabby! Spoilt rotten, pigged out, love shared. What could be better?


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