Friday Favourites – 5th June 2015

Firstly, I’ve been a bit pants this week and missed my Wednesday post. I just didn’t realise that my birthday celebrations were going over three days instead of the usual one and completely lost track of time. But now I’ve ideas for the next like three weeks all figured out so hopefully I should be able to get them all done! And on time too!

Having such a busy week has made this week’s Favourites a lot easier than normal, so I guess that’s a good thing? Right?

1. My birthday.

This obviously had to come first. Turned the big two one on Tuesday and got spoilt rotten by the family and boyf. I’m holding my sister’s cake in the picture because she didn’t want to look fat (thanks for that). And you can see all my suitcases behind us from me moving back at the weekend. But yeah, I felt very special. I’ll be posting all about it next week so I don’t want to go into too much detail!

2. Sun!

After pouring down throughout all my birthday, ruining plans to have a nice day out in Manchester, the weather decided summer was going to start two days later. I don’t think much feels better than sitting in the back garden (one of the best things about coming home, an actual garden!), sunbathing and painting your nails with a fruity summer drink. Summer is hereee!! *fingers crossed*

3. Birthday cake.

Cake also had to obvs feature. I got three chocolate cakes thanks to a divorced family so I’m trying to give it away left, right and centre. Anyone want any? This is a piece of my first cake, and I got another exactly the same, and another that said ‘happy birthday’ on it. And they’re all humongous. Everyone is being given monster sized pieces, so that you feel just that little bit sick as you get to the end but keep eating anyway. Because cake.

4. Going for walks.

I barely go for any walks at uni because it seems like lots of effort when I could have Netflix and bed instead, so I’m looking forward to lots over the summer. Had the first one on my birthday when it went a bit sunny for a couple of hours. They’re always so much fun, and you get to explore new places or see old places in a different light. Yay walks!

5. My dogs.

Coming home means getting to see my doggies again!! I was more excited for this than seeing the rest of my family. Oops. I think this picture basically sums up the love for one another. Diesel wouldn’t leave me alone all night, and honestly I didn’t want her to anyway. DeeDee is everything.

6. Glasses.

Getting my eyes tested tomorrow but decided to just go in and try glasses on early anyway. Meaning lots of awful pictures of me in loads of different pairs (this is probably the only one I was half ready for). I’m excited to get new ones! Planning on getting some sunglasses too so I hope we have a half decent summer and I can actually wear them.

Looking back this has been such a good birthday week, and if this is anything to go by it’s going to be a pretty special summer. I’m going to enjoy every minute of it because it’s my last one until I graduate, so I have to make the most of it before entering the real world. Let’s not think about that though. Summer will do for now!



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