Dior and I review

Photo credit: Dogwoof

I got the chance to watch Dior and I yesterday and I’d definitely say it’s a must watch for anyone who is interested in fashion. I’m really not THAT into high fashion – love my high street names – but I was simply mesmerised by this documentary. I would easily give it 4 out of 5 stars.

It follows the latest creative director of Christian Dior, Raf Simons, in his journey for creating a new collection in the very short time of 8 weeks – I can only imagine the pressure he and all the workers at Dior were under, seeing as they norally have 4 – 6 months to create a collection. Having never worked on haute couture before and being known as a minimalist, Raf had a lot to prove with the fall 2012 collection.

What I loved about this documentary was the flashbacks of old videos when Christian Dior was at the helm with snippets from his memoir recited over the top of this footage. It gave you a real sense of what Dior set out to do when he began this company, showing that his ideals simply reflected those of the time, and he wasn’t trying to do something that would be seen as outrageous. The placing of these flashbacks coincided with what Raf was doing and achieving, highlighting the similarities between both designers, which to me made Raf seem like the most obvious choice in the world to take over as director. Their desire to create something new, to be a part of their team every step of the way, their dislike of the spotlight in the media, their need for emotion, not merely aesthetics. It seemed uncanny at times.

Raf’s passion for the fashion industry is infectious, and watching him work you get the same emotional response of being terrified, happy, and proud when you see the end result on the catwalk. His initial ideas use Christian Dior’s own designs and modernises them in ways that seem so simple when he explores them but are honestly so inspired. I sat in the cinema looking at the initial dresses thinking ‘that is completely perfect’ then he altered it – whether it’s the colour, the fabric choice, the length –  and I sat back thinking ‘he just made it better, I don’t know how but he did’. It’s fascinating, the natural instinct Raf has for design. The amount of work that goes into the creation of this clothing is unbelievable; from the initial ideas, to the sketches, to the fabric, to the first look, to the fitting, to the alterations. All of this whilst also creating items for clients and ensuring they’re also perfect. The bond and relationship between everyone who works for Dior seems unparalleled and seamless. They really do appear as a family; they look out for one another, they argue, they laugh together. It’s really nice to have an insight into it.

Even people who aren’t interested in fashion will no doubt enjoy Dior and I, it gives you a new found appreciation for the art. The end results are simply gorgeous, I feel like using too many words to describe them would be an injustice. The extents the whole team will go to to create perfection is admirable, and I hope I will feel that passion in my future career where ever that may be.

Basically, watch this for an interesting, revealing, educational, and beautiful experience. You won’t regret it.



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