Birthday wishlist!

Seeing as it’s my birthday in just over a week (and I’ll be 21, I feel so old) it seems like the perfect time to make myself a wishlist, even though none of my family read this but oh well. I know my grandparents will be giving my money so hopefully I can put some toward these things.

It’s weird, I’m excited for my birthday and the surprises I’ll be getting, but at the same time don’t want to be an adult. I also have zero plans, but that’s the way I like it. A nice quiet day with my family are always the best kind of days. And I just realised that because it’s on a Tuesday I’ll be able to go to the market with Grandma and Grandad, YES! That means we’ll probably get a chippy, what better way to celebrate. Probably the saddest sounding 21st, not your usual go somewhere to get very drunk kinda thing.

Onto the list! There’s a range of things, I didn’t want to just focus on clothes. Here goes…

Daniel Wellington watch £159 | Flamingo candle £11 | Filofax diary £9.49 | ASOS sandals £40 | New Look playsuit £9.99 | New Look skirt £19.99 | New Look bikini top £14.99 and bottoms £7.99 | Mr Candle candle £22.99 | New Look bikini top £17.99 and bottoms £11.99

In case you didn’t notice, I am loving New Look at the moment. I could honestly put so much more things on here but I don’t want to bore you with my online loves. I have so many books in my Amazon ‘save for later’ (classics and love stories) and so much nail varnish (Barry M sunset) and make up that I want to get, and adorable summery bags from Accessorize.

I just think the watch is the watchiest looking watch I’ve seen in a long time, and it makes me happy to look at. The candles because you can never have too many candles (and the Mr Candle ones come with a ring hidden INSIDE it – I know, exciting). I’ll be in need of a new academic diary in August and the Filofax is probably the happiest green you can find. I keep seeing cute heeled sandals everywhere and they just make me picture myself walking down a beach front in the evening with a floaty dress on. And New Look New Look New Look. Been drooling over denim skirts for a while now and just not taken the plunge just yet, the playsuit because I now apparently love all playsuits (who knew, seeing as I bought my first a few weeks ago). I keep looking at bikinis too, even though I have no holidays planned at all, and they’re all so cute!! I can just wear them in the back garden sunbathing, right? Please be sunny this summer!

Writing all this out is making me SO tempted to buy things now. Just one more week, I can do it! Then I know exactly what all that birthday money will be spent on.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with what I end up buying (and what I get on the day, squeeeee!!)



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