Friday Favourites – 22nd May 2015

I struggled with this one a little bit! I know that sounds pretty terrible seeing as I only just started blogging, but there’s a reason why! It’s hard to have all these favourites when you’re just at uni and most people have already left and you’re waiting around for shifts at work until it’s time to go home. But I’ll be going home on the 30th so hopefully I’ll be inspired until then because once I’m home I’ll have plenty to rave about (and it’ll be nicer outside then too, fingers crossed).

ANYWAY! I did it. Six of my favourite things of the week.

1. Grandparents.

My grandparents came to visit this week and it was a lovely couple of days. We did so much walking my legs were still hurting two days later, but we explored places I’d never been to before, ate good food and had drinks in the sunshine. (I even got sun burnt on my forehead and I don’t think it went above 14 degrees; the life and times of a pale, ginger person). This probably seems like a weird picture to use but they brought my Easter egg up because I hadn’t seen any of my family since December, so I think it was super cute of them. It tasted bloody good too.

2. The girls.

It’ll be my last night with these two lovely ladies tonight, which I’m really looking forward to. One of them is going back home to America so I’ll miss her loads, but I’ll be able to catch up with the other in September. The picture is from a 90s party and it was probably the best night together of the semester, lots and lots of love for these two.

3. Gala night.

This is actually only happening tomorrow, but I already know it’ll be a highlight of the week. Even though it’ll be a shift at work, it’ll be a nice one. The whole point of the evening is to prove that the centre is worthwhile and people should keep donating to keep it open, so we’ll all be on our best behaviour, dressed a little smarter, and basically sell the place to anyone who arrives. I’m quite excited!

4. Peter Kay’s Car Share.

Photo credit: BBC.

If you haven’t been watching this, start to. Especially if you’re a fan of Peter Kay or live in the north of England. I pretty much grew up on his comedy (I always get a little thrill whenever I go past his house, which is often, seeing as it’s about 10 minutes away from home) so I always love his stuff, and this has not disappointed at all. I find myself properly laughing out loud whilst watching it, Peter Kay will probably always be my number one comedic love.

5. Chinese food.

Who doesn’t love chinese food? I find that it’s normally the quieter restaurants that are the best, they’re usually more authentic. Oh God, just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. Such love for sizzling plates, rolls, and fortune cookies.

6. Positive posts.

Who doesn’t love a good positive post? That’s one of the reason I like Friday Favourites; I always enjoy reading other people’s, and writing them myself gives me time to really focus on the week I’ve had and highlight all the good things I’d probably otherwise forget. So I’m going to put a few links to other bloggers’s posts that I’ve liked reading this week because they’re just so positive and make you think about your own happiness too.

Sophie Cliff’s 10 Happiness Commandments

Dizzy Brunette’s Reasons You’re a Better Blogger Than You Think 

What Olivia Did’s 25 Before 25

Sailor Jennie’s 50 Things That Make Me Happy

Well, they’re my Friday favs, what are yours?



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