A few facts about me

Seeing as I’ve had the blog for a week I figured this was as good a time as any to introduce myself a little more. So I’m going to go through the alphabet and write about the first word that comes to mind and actually relates to myself in some way (I won’t just be like ‘bananas – I like them. carrots – not so much’), gonna go all DEEP and personal. Everyone’s fav.

Here goes!

A – Age. Currently twenty, will be twenty-one in 15 days and that scares me slightly (a lot). I know I’ll actually feel no different to how I do now but it still feels like a big deal.

B – Books. Love them, just wish I had more time to enjoy them. Studying English kinda takes the fun out of it, but at least it introduces me to loads of amazing books I would have never heard of otherwise.

C – Change. I’m working on improving myself. Becoming someone who doesn’t need to depend on another to realise everything I can be and achieve. It’s tough and it’s going to take a while, but it’s worth a shot.

D – Dogs. Anyone who knows me knows my love of all things canine. I grew up with German Shepherds, then a Labradoodle, now the family has two Great Danes. And my grandparents have an English Setter/Springer Spaniel mix. Once I graduate, have a decent job, and my own house, a dog is first on the agenda. SO CUTE. One of the Great Danes (my baby Diesel) is honestly like a best friend. I can’t wait to go home and walk her everywhere.

This is my DeeDee on my 19th;

E – Eat (This was going to be exercise, but who am I kidding). I do actually need to stick to my exercise, I get days where I feel super motivated, then for the next week I wake up thinking ‘well, I did that bit four days ago, so I can wait longer, right?’. But EATING! This is honestly like a personal achievement, and most people are always impressed by how much I can eat. Definitely a highlight of every day, ’cause why not.

F – Fridays. The day itself isn’t that special, but it means Graham Norton will be on and who doesn’t love his show? Every time I find myself giggling away throughout it.

G – Grandparents. I don’t know where I’d be without my grandparents. Or all my family for that matter. But my grandparents are super special (one set are coming visiting today!). My family has been through some not so good stuff, and they’ve all always been there for me and my siblings and stuck by us through everything.

H – Home. Home is where the heart is and all that. I think that’s so true. I lived in the same house from 3 – 17 years old, and I guess I would have called that home. But now I wouldn’t say that any single place is my home, it all depends on the people you’re with. Home can be sitting in front of the TV, or lying on a Greek beach, as long as you’re happy.

I – Irish. Got a tiny bit of Irish blood in me, on my mum’s mum’s side of the family. I guess that explains where my hair colour came from!

J – Journal. I recently started writing a journal to give me a place to put all my thoughts and feelings of each day. I’ve stuck to it so far, so I hope it’s helping in some way.

K – Keep. I like to keep basically anything that has sentimental value, it takes me years and years to throw something out because happy memories mean everything to me.

L – Letters. Handwritten letters are, most definitely, the best thing to receive in the post. Just thinking about how much time and effort goes into them makes anything written worth reading.

M – Memory. Mine is terrible at remembering important things. Whether it’s for an exam or a key event, I won’t remember it. But that thing you ate at such a place you told me about two months ago, I know ALL of that.

N – Netflix. And any TV in general. I won’t say no to any series, I’ll give anything a try and undoubtedly get hooked on it.

O – Organised. I like things to be where they need to be. Keeping a place tidy makes me feel just so much clearer and at ease, and being prepared when going somewhere or doing something makes me feel better too. Catching a train? I’ll have that booked weeks prior, code at the ready to pick up tickets, and always on hand for inspection. I can’t handle being the awkward one who spends five minutes rummaging in my bags for something when someone is waiting for me #socialanxietybreakdown.

P – Prague. Absolutely gorgeous city where I spend possibly the best new year in 2012/13. Visit if you can!! Cheap food and drink (if you avoid tourist traps), so much to see and do, and crazy people with handheld fireworks.

Q – Quiet. I love being in the quiet every so often. Y’know those times where you just sit down after a hectic day and think ‘this is really nice, and I want to be here forever and ever’. Where I work always has noise and those occasional quiet moments feel awesome.

R – Rain. If it ruins all the plans I had for the day then I’m not a fan, at all. But the smell of rain is the best, and being outside in a light drizzle can feel pretty freeing, and sometimes being inside when it’s miserable outside makes you appreciate all your home comforts.

S – Scotland. Where I live now, and I love it. I grew up holidaying in Scotland, so my love for the place is understandable. So being surrounded by it everyday is pretty special, even if I sometimes forget.

T – Travel. Love to. Who doesn’t? I can’t wait to go to all the places I want to in the future *fingers crossed for a great job so I can afford it*.

U – University. I go, I study. My course is great, and the flexibility it has is perfect for me. Without uni I would have never realised where my strengths lie, met the amazing people I have, or gained the confidence I have over the past three years.

V – Village. I grew up in a lovely little village, and now I don’t think I could ever live in a big city for a long time. I like everything about villages, big city buzz just isn’t my cup of tea.

W – Work. I work in an arts centre, and it’s honestly the best student job I could have hoped for. It’s a pretty special place, and I’m so glad I found it.

X – X-ray? The only other x word I could think of was xylophone. So, x-rays. I had quite a few in my younger days. I’ve become much more wary of my clumsiness, so no broken/sprained/twisted things in a while. Though getting a Pokemon certificate for being super still during the x-ray was definitely a highlight of my walking disaster career.

Y – Yoghurt. Grown a new found love for the stuff. Every so often you go through those cravings for something, at the moment mine is yoghurt. Normal and frozen, so much yum.

Z – Zoo? Couldn’t think of any other word. I like zoos, especially all the big cats. I know they could rip my face off but they’re just so cute.

So there you have it! That’s me. Or, well, a little bit about me. It’s harder than you’d think to come up with words, took me a while to think of them all (you’ll see some are a bit stretched, oh well).



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