Friday Favourites – 15th May 2015

Here’s my first ever Friday Favourites! It’s a collection of things that have stood out this week as little nuggets of positivity.

1. My hair-cut.

I hadn’t had my hair cut for like two years – terrible, I know – but that’s what happens when you go to uni and can’t have your usual lovely hairdresser. And I was too scared to venture somewhere new in case they saw my split-ends from a mile off and told me to never come back with my shamble of an excuse for hair.

BUT I’m so glad I went. I got my hair all nicely washed whilst talking about Game of Thrones (heaven? yes) then the hairdresser, Gerry, chopped all the deadness off (about three inches) and made my usually flat, dull hair all wavy and bouncy and it looked like the hair I usually envy. So there’s that. Also, who doesn’t love feeling a bit pampered? And I’m one of those people who loooove the feeling of anything done to my hair, so it was all the yes.

2. Essie nail polish.

This is mint candy apple and I just love it. It’s a little bit brighter than what it looks like in this picture, looking all springy and summery at the same time. Any colour that is a mixture of green and blue is always going to get a yes from me, so it’s probably my biggest weakness when it comes to buying nail polish, clothes, and jewelry. Which is why this was added to my collection.

I’m someone who is always an advocate for cheap anything, but I think the little extra for this is worth it. It goes on so smoothly as well, just two coats and you get an awesome bold colour which looks and feels the best.

3. Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.

This book was one of the set texts for my Gothic module this semester and I didn’t get chance to read it all but I’ve picked it up again and now I’m almost finished. I just have to say it’s so impressive. It’s twisted, and horrifying, and funny. It raises questions of family, nature vs. nurture, and whether what’s on the inside truly counts in a very Gothic manner. It has me laughing out loud, staring in disbelief, and compelled to just keep reading.

Well worth the read if you’re looking for something a bit different compared to what you’d normally find on the book shelves.

4. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Obvs. Whenever they’re half price in Tesco I can’t not buy any. The tub pictured is long gone, but it made me very happy while it lasted. Not much I can say here, everyone knows how amazing it is! A tub, a spoon, and Netflix. What more can a girl wish for?

5. Game of Thrones.

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting any spoilers!! Just so far I am so impressed with season 5. Having read the books I love the different turns they’re taking. I know some people don’t like that they are moving away from George R. R. Martin’s books, but I love that things can still surprise book readers and TV watchers alike. The way the characters are developing continually reminds me why I always thought Game of Thrones is one of the best shows out there.

6. My blog.

Course I had to put this here! It’s my first week with a blog and it’s a lot of fun trying to make it something worth reading. I just hope the people who take the time to come here enjoy it too.

It’s a completely new experience, and I think it’s going to be very interesting and useful for me.

That’s all my favourites for this week! Some of the things that made my week a little brighter.



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