Becoming an ‘Adult’ with a capital A

Seeing as I’m turning 21 in three weeks – excuse me whilst I go sit in a corner and cry about that – this seems like a suitable post. Because let’s be honest, even if you’re technically an adult at 18, you are so not an adult.

Having just finished my third year of university everyone seems to be asking what I’m going to do with life after my final year. And that makes me feel so unprepared because I have zero clue what the answer actually is. Do I want to get a job straight away? What would that job be? Do I want to travel first? Do I want to do a masters degree? What would it be in? Who knows.

At the moment, the plan is to do a masters degree in publishing. Why? I’m not entirely sure, it just sounds interesting, a perfect combo of my English and Media degree, and I get to work surrounded by my first love; books.

The only downside? Money. WHY does everything cost so damn much? I’m good at saving the stuff, so I could probably afford it at a stretch, but then I wonder if it will all be worth it. Will I end up with the greatest job ever, or end up back at home with a masters degree and a very sad bank balance?

Coming to the end of university life is scary! Yes, I have another year, but they go ridiculously quickly and I really need to start planning after uni in September if I want to go the masters route. Blah. I don’t really want to give up days in bed, super long summers, and fun part-time jobs. But at the same time I can’t wait to have my degree and move on with life and be an actual adult. I can’t explain how excited I am to have my own place that I can decorate!! And reading other blogs doesn’t help with this because their homes always look so swish.

I feel like I’m already starting to get the adult thing anyway. Owning a diary that I actually write meet-ups/work shifts in, booking my own doctor’s/hair/optician’s appointments, having a savings account with a decent amount of money in, having an obsession with candles and all things ‘homey’. They all make things feel very real. They make the big wide world feel a little less big and nerve-wrecking. And who doesn’t feel on top of everything when a candle is lit and making the room smell like all kinds of yes.

I guess my only advice for someone else in this situation and all you can think is ‘WHAT DO I DO, HOW DO I ADULT?’, is to just take your time. Try to balance any ideas you have and fully think them through. Don’t jump into anything too quick, if you’re unsure wait until you are. The great thing about time? It gives you chance to explore any option, make plans for like four different life choices, and you can back out if you want to. Even if I apply to a masters degree, I’ll still look at internships, jobs, and experiences. You can never rely on just one thing if you’re uncertain, and if you’re like me you’ll assume the worst of everything and need like 584 backup plans.

If you are certain, and know exactly where your life is heading, then please teach me your secrets because I think like 95% of the soon-to-be and recent graduate population hates you a teeny tiny bit.

Getting older is scary, and can sometimes suck, and sometimes you’ll just want to curl up in bed with Netflix, wallow in your uncertainties and wonder why people expect you to have it all figured out when you’re not sure you can even match your clothes right. But that’s okay. Because getting older is also exciting, and it means new doors are constantly opening for you. So go and open each one until you find the perfect fit.

And hey, 21 means it’s the perfect time for a trip to Vegas! (If you can afford it and not piling your savings together for a masters degree).



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