New Year, New Me?

cotswolds, sapperton, winter

I brought in the New Year in probably the best way I can imagine.

I wasn’t surrounded by people, I didn’t have elaborate plans. It was simply me, my boyfriend, and the Cotswolds.

We rented a studio for two nights from AirBnB which was absolutely perfect for a cosy break away. The hosts baked a fresh loaf of bread for us which we used for breakfast with avocado and salmon. Breakfast in bed is always the best start to a day when you’re on holiday. Read More »

Discovering Bologna – Italy’s food capital

bologna italy

Bologna! Somewhere people don’t necessarily think of when they think of Italy, but it’s somewhere that should be. Especially if you love food.

It’s the food capital of Italy and it deserves the title. We had amazing meats and cheeses, fresh filled pasta in broth, the original bolognese – tagliatelle al ragú – (no spaghetti in sight). Oh my gosh I’m getting so hungry thinking about it.

Also. Why had I never thought of having just pieces of parmesan before? Forget just having shavings over your pasta! Slice it, enjoy it, because boy it is good!

I would say just go for the food. Do, if you want. And to be honest that’s what drew us to it. But we fell in love with Bologna for so much more than the food.

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Life lately #3

scotland stirling sunset

Life’s a funny little thing, isn’t it?

My last life lately post was just after I had handed in my dissertation. I was feeling pretty run down and tired from working so hard, and I thought I’d be able to get my blog back on track soon afterwards.

I just didn’t realise that life would get in the way of doing that. It’s always nice to say you’ll have time for such and such a thing, but it’s easy to forget that your mind needs some rest time.

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Three nights in Venice

venice italy

My summer holiday this year was a 10 day trip to different parts of Northern Italy. The start of that was Venice. And what can be said about Venice.

Easily the most beautiful and romantic town/city I’ve ever been to. Your Instagram feed would thank you for going. Everywhere you turn there’s old, rustic, Venetian charm.

I love that nothing is done by halves and nothing is modernised. The variety of colours covering the houses, the marble stone look-a-like covering the churches, and seeing police boats never gets old.

It’s a completely different way of life, and I love it. Read More »

Graduating from university


I graduated last week.

That’s such a weird thing to say/type. Who knew that four years down the line little ol’ me would be graduating with a first class honours in English and Film & Media.

At the start of uni I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, four years to figure it all out seemed reasonable. Now that I’m actually here I’m clinging on to the unknown by doing a masters degree. Some wonder why not get a job already instead of having even MORE debt. Some think I’ll go on to do a doctorate. But really I just want to get a little bit more clarity about the adult world before I dive in head first. Read More »

A Foodie Visit to Newcastle

newcastle town centre

If you read my post from last week  you’ll know that last month I got the chance to have a couple of nights in Newcastle. And whilst I’d love this to be a complete action packed guide to the city, it’s not.

I didn’t really know what sights to see, and I had a lot of uni work to do, so a lot of my time was spent in a coffee shop with my laptop. But the rest of the time I went for little ambles around and enjoyed the delish food! So this is more of a LOOK WHAT YUMMY FOOD THEY HAVE more than a look how cultural and cool the place is.

Here we go!Read More »